I'm Juii ...

... and you're welcome, visitor. I'm a cute li'le subdomain hub website. You may stay here for a while (but I don't need much attention), or visit some of my subdomains.


My subdomains

cleanit.juii.net. A joint blog on better IT.
daniel.juii.net. A personal blog.
doit.juii.net. Large FAQ-style blog on computers. By Joachim, Daniel and Matthias Ansorg.
ma.juii.net. A personal and corporate website.
shopimages.juii.net. Personal-use only image service for selling articles, e.g. at eBay.

[last updated 2010-04-22]

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“For juii.net and all its subdomains (most of them listed above), I declare (personally, or, where applicable, in agency for the subdomain webmasters): we disassociate from the content of all linked third-party websites. As webmasters of juii.net and its subdomains, we do not have any influence on the content of these linked third-party websites. Also, by linking to them we do not declare to agree with the content and opinions that are accessible on these third-party websites.” (Matthias Ansorg, on 2008-05-21).